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Title :  Nodata
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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Shawky Khater
Bravo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Comment from : Shawky Khater

Rafael Pérez
2 years and no automated way to notify testers, what an epic fail...
Comment from : Rafael Pérez

Indian In Mexico
Is there any way users can download a older version of a messed up app update?
Comment from : Indian In Mexico

Rohit Bagdi
Please solve this issue
Comment from : Rohit Bagdi

Kivabe Channel
I need to see the screen what you are doing there, not you ...
Comment from : Kivabe Channel

zekrom fast
Is $25 is one-year payment or for whole life fee payment?
Comment from : zekrom fast

Benson T
I cannot find "Manage Release" under my google play console menu.. so sad.. who experience the same?
Comment from : Benson T

arpit kumar
Where can I get this t-shirt?
Comment from : arpit kumar

Caption America
Sir how to set our on featured?
Comment from : Caption America

Ricardo W
It's impossible to remove alpha releases!
Comment from : Ricardo W

Subhanshu Thapa
Can you demonstrate that How to integrate and check Google Play Application License Verification for paid games? My game is built in Unity 2018.2 and I have the asset ( assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/google-play-application-license-verification-3190) from the asset store. I tried to integrate it, however, could not get the desired output. My game can be shared through Shareit and the other person is enjoying playing it for free.
Comment from : Subhanshu Thapa

KrypticFlutterMusic 22
How long does your take to upload an app to google play
Comment from : KrypticFlutterMusic 22

Isaque x
This is the worst Google's Plataform Ever. It is really confusing.
Comment from : Isaque x

oscar A
What's an apk
Comment from : oscar A

BJ series * Latest Movie *
Sir how to increase YouTube subscriber?
Comment from : BJ series * Latest Movie *

Goto Photos
AkaDalan PlainReqlar BernardMI condensed Awaken (trietype)
Comment from : Goto Photos

Tech Mobiles
How to change the apk file after app published(without updating)...??? Please reply or suggest me any video or blog
Comment from : Tech Mobiles

Lets Learn
Lot of time send the appel of google support team but no response.
Comment from : Lets Learn

Mloukhia Mloukhia
Hi everyone, I need your help please, I explain my problem. When I package my game to apk from the software Unreal engine 4, I test it on my phone it's ok, it works, but my problem is : the file is bigger than 100 Mo and I don't know how I can import it on Play Store ! then I need to chose to use obb file, package is ok (with an apk file less than 100Mo) and an obb file > 100 Mo, when I ran it on my phone : "download failed because the resources could not be found", i can fix it on my phone by put the obb file on the obb folder from Android, I have same problem message on Play Store. Someone have an idea ? I suppose the obb file isn't import on Play Store but I dont know how to import that??


Comment from : Mloukhia Mloukhia

D.K TecHnOLoGy PoinTs
Sir can we not charge fee time publish app to google play store.Can this company charge fee later.
Comment from : D.K TecHnOLoGy PoinTs

shalikram Patel
Hello sir, I have published my android app on google play store but when anyone installs it from google play store two instances of the app installed on their mobile what should be the problem ? and how to resolve it.
this is the link of my app on play store - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jrv.library.rec.reclibrary
name of app - Central Library REC Ambedkar Nagar
please provide me solution for this

Comment from : shalikram Patel

Thijs Postma
I hate This Console
I want to pay 25$ but my payment method is not supported and dont have a credit card

Comment from : Thijs Postma

Natural Beauty Places
Plz help me
Comment from : Natural Beauty Places

Natural Beauty Places
This message from google play how i can fix it help me sir
Comment from : Natural Beauty Places

Natural Beauty Places
Hi Developers at AD Gaming,

Thanks for submitting One Man Black Army Shooting (com.AdilStudio.MYArmy) to Google Play. After review, your app has been rejected due to a policy violation. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

Issue: Violation of Metadata policy

We don't allow apps with misleading, irrelevant, excessive, or inappropriate metadata, including but not limited to the app's description, developer name, title, icon, screenshots, and promotional images. We also don't allow user testimonials in the app's description.

The flagged content in your store listing relates to graphic violence prominently depicted in app icons, promotional images, text, or videos. Your store listing can be seen by all users (signed-in or not) and needs to be appropriate for all audiences.

Submit your app for another review

Read through the Metadata policy and make appropriate changes to your app.Make sure that your app is compliant with all other Developer Program Policies. Additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.Sign in to your Play Console and submit the update to your app.

If you’ve reviewed the policy and feel our decision may have been in error, please reach out to our policy support team. One of my colleagues will get back to you within 2 business days.

Thanks for your continued support of Google Play.


Comment from : Natural Beauty Places

Ewerton Luiz Beraldo
Cometi um erro no lançamento do meu aplicativo e agora precisava remove lo definitivamente, porém não encontro está opção, teria algo que posso fazer? Pois mesmo desativado ainda aparece nas buscas e não consigo subir o arquivo apk corrigido pois tive que mudar a sh1 do Google maps e agora não aceita o APK corrigido.

Acredito precisar excluir totalmente o antigo, e recomeçar novamente, teria como excluir totalmente o projeto antigo ?

Comment from : Ewerton Luiz Beraldo

Neeraj Kumar
How I can connect with Google play console support.

There is no human help on any matter.
No phone call facility available.

Am having a really serious problem about google play console account.
It's been long time I have emailed to google but there is no help.
Please let me know if there is any way to connect

Comment from : Neeraj Kumar

Andrew Kravets
In one word - confusing. The fact that original GooglePlayDevConsole UI doesn't match neither official doc nor videos - makes it even more complicated..

For ex: impossible to find section Manage testers, before rollout to Alpha I can't see which testing group exactly I provide my app.

Comment from : Andrew Kravets

gamelogicbrain patel
Any one can suggest me how can i update my APK file with OBB in new update version?
Comment from : gamelogicbrain patel

Lee Buckley
this has nothing to do with how to manage in app products so why as it showed up in this search
Comment from : Lee Buckley

Dea Avega Editya
How can we sign update ver apk using Google play signing
Comment from : Dea Avega Editya

Ahmed ka 21
Vous avez importé un fichier APK qui n'est pas signé avec le certificat d'importation. Vous devez utiliser le même certificat. Le certificat d'importation porte l'empreinte numérique suivante : ,???????????????????????
Comment from : Ahmed ka 21

Kevin Buttner
Hello, can you tell me how to make a new release with an apk file made by another (2nd) developer. I started with one developer and have moved to another so the release recognizes the old apk file and not the new one. The message I get is (wrong apk file name) How do I get past this. Thank you KB
Comment from : Kevin Buttner

Sandeep Batta
Your tutorials are useful.
I m struggling at roll out my new app with warning title Android 8 and API level to upgrade to 26

Kindly advice how to do ?

Comment from : Sandeep Batta

Pie David
how many days the app stayed on top of the latest Google Play news and features?
Comment from : Pie David

muhammad wildan suyuti
Can i change button name from OPEN to UPDATE after update new release ?
Comment from : muhammad wildan suyuti

Technical Saunak
Please help me one "start roll out production option" not sowing
Comment from : Technical Saunak

Muhammad Waqas
How can withdraw my money from google console
I sold my app on playstore now i have pending balance on play store there haven’t option Western Union payout

Comment from : Muhammad Waqas

Ayush dixit
Can we add a demo video in new release
Comment from : Ayush dixit

spicy stop
Hello sir i want some help i want update my andriod app when i save my apk and review it give me that error
can u tell me any soloution
Non_ upgradable apk
none of the users of this apk will be able to upgrade to any of thenew apks added in this release
ensure that all your new apks are added to this release

ANY soloution of thtis error ??

Comment from : spicy stop

Incense man
This video seems to either skip steps or is talking about an older version of the developers site. The options in the online instruction talk about links and options that simply do not exist. It is confusing and misleading. Nothing but frustration.
I see in the other comments that google has offered little to know information that has help much of anyone. Do they think ignoring the complaints will make them go away?
I am still trying to figure out how to use the upload key that I downloaded from google developers site. I really don't foresee any help forthcoming.

Comment from : Incense man

Shubham Sajgotra
Sir , my application is suspended because of impertionation. I don't know what to do. Can you guide me. As am afraid that I will lose my developer account
Comment from : Shubham Sajgotra

jegue studio
I m think that was in portuguese. '-_- Is that my browser translated to english
Comment from : jegue studio

Hi! You can use our new tool to create release notes automatically. Just give it a try: translate.iwantanelephant.com
or check this out: youtu.be/KDhpM0g6XDs

Comment from : I WANT AN ELEPHANT

Paperboy Thoughts
can i publish an old apk from my library? i accidentally remove the latest apk and now google wont allow me to upload the same one in the app release
Comment from : Paperboy Thoughts

Mohammed khalefa
you know what ?
i hate google play developer console
how to unpublished my app and still at google play ???????????
how to still working to publish app 5 days and always reject ?
and im sure there's no mistakes
help me i hate every thing
5 days workin
5 days

Comment from : Mohammed khalefa

kmm asam hussain
How to put pre register app?
Comment from : kmm asam hussain

andono albite
thank you
Comment from : andono albite

Awesome t-shirt!
Comment from : DuckDuckJohny

Rohit Paul
Part time job without investment
Earn daily 1000-2000 by working 2 hours per day at home
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Comment from : Rohit Paul

emam hossain
how to make google app signing key and uplod it plz help me
Comment from : emam hossain

Train Kedtawat
fuck this stupid unfriendly bullshit release page. it's very complicated and make no sense, why changing something that was already working great and easy to understand.

I see a lot of people angry with this utterly confusing UI and it meaningless and misleading messages, why you not responding to them?

what this craziness means, if my app is deactivated then it shouldn't be published but here it says a different story.
Deactivation of this APK will result in your app being available for new installs on fewer types of devices.

also I updated my app but when i go to check in my 2 phones, there is no update button in the play store, then how would my users know that they need to update the app for god sake. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : Train Kedtawat

kartar kat
I have launched my first app in the play store and got suspended due to impreanation..can u help me with it

I am cse-Be student , I made an app for my clg and I tried to launch but it got suspended I don't know where is the problem help me with this please this is my first app...

Thanks in advance

Comment from : kartar kat

Do android apps get approved before publication, like ios apps?
Comment from : Оскар

The_stunt Men
Comment from : The_stunt Men

Jyou Yamaguchi
could you add sim cards that will pay the load i have in google play developer like buying in play store using sim
Comment from : Jyou Yamaguchi

Kino Lockhart
He should have given reasons for upload errors when updating the apk.Then give a few solutions on fixing the problem.
Comment from : Kino Lockhart

Jephthah Adotey Kpakpo
How do i ... create COMING SOON or pre-register for my yet to release app.
Comment from : Jephthah Adotey Kpakpo

دردشة عربية
Hi I want to upload my app on PlayStore and I do not have a developer account
Comment from : دردشة عربية

WTF!! the man big than the screen, all the shit video
Comment from : VAL

can you say 1 app, its depuzite the google play?
Comment from : Chiken

Park Brake Reminder
please explain, how to add the standalone wear 2.0 apk in adition to phone and wear 1.5 apk, I didn't get it? Is it also a part of expansion apk?
Comment from : Park Brake Reminder

Ulvi Gafarov
How do you delete a review from your app? Someone from my game said something unhelpful, and inappropriate.
Comment from : Ulvi Gafarov

The DeveLoper
how i can delete my app ??
Comment from : The DeveLoper

Guilherme Faria
still waiting for console deploy
Comment from : Guilherme Faria

Get Digital World
Comment from : Get Digital World

Jason Hihn
Where is the "Upload new APK to Beta" button? I hate the new workflow. It adds too many clicks! There is no button to upload a new APK to Beta.
Comment from : Jason Hihn

Angeles Fátima
Spanish version, please?
Comment from : Angeles Fátima

Cisano Appdev
I feel tired wasting time watching video many time for understand. This and In-App Billing, too. Tired.
Comment from : Cisano Appdev

Aniket Gundecha
This wasn't necessary.. !!
Comment from : Aniket Gundecha

malcolm gregor
fuck this stupid unfriendly bullshit release page. it's very complicated and make no sense, why changing something that was already working great and easy to understand.

I see a lot of people angry with this utterly confusing UI and it meaningless and misleading messages, why you not responding to them?

what this craziness means, if my app is deactivated then it shouldn't be published but here it says a different story.
Deactivation of this APK will result in your app being available for new installs on fewer types of devices.

also I updated my app but when i go to check in my 2 phones, there is no update button in the play store, then how would my users know that they need to update the app for god sake. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from : malcolm gregor

Alex M
Why cant they offer this additional Roll-Out stuff as an OPTION ? I mean without removing the existing methodologies that many of us would probably rather resume with ?

Doesn't anyone at Google understand that when you Shove new complicated procedures down our throats, it alienates developers ... and hence potentially Google's own revenue ? This is a joke !

I say someone should start a Petition to ask Google to only merely "offer" this new garbage as an Option... while completely retaining the older ways of doing things !

What do you guys think ? Should that not be possible ?

Comment from : Alex M

Alex M
This new procedure is terribly confusing... and validates my theory that Google is always Tweaking things and making the process more complicated rather than keeping things simple. As a developer, I am extremely disappointed by these changes, and I am sure I will be thoroughly confused and frustrated once I have to update my Apk. Why can't they just let things be and stop messing around with what is working ?

This instructional video (which is quite fast and complicated)... left me with many more questions than answers. I am for sure going to miss the existing way of doing Roll-outs, which was working just fine for me.

Terrible new system !

Comment from : Alex M

Jay Rohrer
Absolute garbage! Why did they take something that works perfectly well and make it impossible to use? I ended up with my "APK Page To Be Removed" and don't know how to correct it! Even clunkier than an Microsoft update, if that is even possible!
Comment from : Jay Rohrer

Yarko Kloch
Перемудрили. Из простой и хорошей идеи сделали сложную и непонятную фигню. Наверное наступает кризис жанра.
Comment from : Yarko Kloch

Wallace Roberto
demorei pra entender como postar o app novo, o video ajudou..
Comment from : Wallace Roberto

Gazzapper Games
Yes, a bit confusing on whether you did the correct steps. I think a clear coloured box message is needed to confirm.
Comment from : Gazzapper Games

Dmitriy Deomin
Дурость какую то придумали опять
Comment from : Dmitriy Deomin

Mich Rozhdestvensky
And where is the "Remove from PRODUCTION release" button?!
I need to remove from PRODUCTION but keep on Beta and Alpha. - No way to do it, other than re-upload the whole app as a new. This in turn would have a new ID and all the consequent problems.
Why I cannot simply remove from PRODUCTION and keep it in Beta???
Am I stupid or am I stupid?

Comment from : Mich Rozhdestvensky

Random Videos
STATUS: READY TO PUBLISH. Where is the publish app ?
Comment from : Random Videos

Karam D.
I swear to god its been more than an hour and I still dont know how to publish my app ! wtf is this shit man
Comment from : Karam D.

Haris ali
Go home Google your drunk
Comment from : Haris ali

Petr Starodymov
Привет разработчикам из России ёпта!
Comment from : Petr Starodymov

Alessandro Scarozza
+1 if you prefer APK TAB
Comment from : Alessandro Scarozza

what is best way to do cloud testing for android app?
Comment from : TechBrewer

Delroy McDowell
Hi All. I too have serious issues with this new manage release for one week now. I have been getting upload errors. The errors I have been getting is :

Upload failed
Your APK cannot be analysed using aapt. Error output:

Failed to run aapt dump badging:
ERROR: dump failed because assets could not be loaded

Has anyone been having this problem and how to get around address it? I am feeling stupid with my client now and I can imagine how he feels.

Comment from : Delroy McDowell

Dan Li
holy shit, you guys made things more complicated!!!! wtf
Comment from : Dan Li

Apps PL
I'm uploading a new apk to a completely new listing (there's no previous version and it's not an update) and it's telling me I have to put in a "What's new in this release?"
Comment from : Apps PL

Akil eswar
Retarded update till now. I've updated the apk, reviewed it. And it asks me to roll-out. Where the fuck is the roll out button?
Comment from : Akil eswar

Schoolgirl Supervisor
Worst 'feature' ever. thanks for nothing
Comment from : Schoolgirl Supervisor

Mars v.
Why is Tony Hawk doing android developer videos?
Comment from : Mars v.

this is such bad ui i can't find anything
Comment from : Kev

nasroo amg
hello. i will be so happy if you write what you say on the video. because we can't understand english . i beg to you
Comment from : nasroo amg

Tomáš Hubálek
This UI needs to be completely redesigned. It is overcomplicated and confusing. It brings no new features and requires more clicks and more context switching than previous flow.
Comment from : Tomáš Hubálek

Atento El Salvador
Just one question, this change when it becomes effective? :O
Comment from : Atento El Salvador

Diego Bittencourt
If I publish my app in beta mode and after one month for example, I decide to release my app to everyone. Will the rates and comments keep?
Comment from : Diego Bittencourt

so if i upload my apk in manage releases section my app would still be published on the store ? and after the beta will the app keep its reviews and stuff ? excuse my english im a newbe
Comment from : Sayajin

Xeno Innovations
Nice breakdown, thank you for keeping it up to date with the newer user interface
Comment from : Xeno Innovations

Laval Law
How do you manage closed Alpha Testers in this new version??? There's a "Manage Testers" area, but it's just a blank box without any possibility of adding/editing tester list.
Comment from : Laval Law

Easy Fit
If its not broken dont fix it. Why waste time on this stuff instead of fixing real issues in the google play console?
Comment from : Easy Fit

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